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Saturday, 25 February 2012

An Eye Spy Jar

An Eye Spy Jar!

Whilst browsing Pinterest I came across this fabulous activity idea to do with the kiddy winks.
I will definitely be doing this when at my Nannying job next week.

I found this idea leaded back to The Magic Onions Blog. She also suggests this as a great way to entertain children in long car journeys and I completely agree!

All you need is a Jar, some little treasures to add in and some rice!....that is it :) - Just pop them in the Jar and seal the lid tight.

Put the rice and treasures in the jar, making sure to leave an inch or so of space between the top of the rice and the lid as you want the rice to be able to move freely inside the jar.
As your little one turns the jar, the rice falls over itself in the jar, revealing and then covering your treasures.

Play Eye-spy Jar in the car. You know what's inside the jar, so say... 'Find me an acorn hat and see how long it takes them :)

THANK YOU to  The Magic Onions for sharing the amazing idea!


  1. such a great idea honey, make sure you add it to the flickr group x

  2. I will do lovely! ...... Jam Jars are becoming an obsession now ;)

  3. Brilliant idea. Wish I had one of these for car journeys when I was a kid.


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