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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Love was in the air!

Yesterday was Valentines Day! after spending the last 2 months creating gifts for others to give their loved ones is was time for me to do something special for my valentine :)
I love any excuse to get in the kitchen but after a busy afternoon/evening doing some local deliveries I was not left with much time so a few corners were cut hehe
Duck & Orange Pate (I used a heart cookie cutter to make the shape), toasted Ciabatta slices, Beetroot Salsa and rocket salad for some greenery.

Had to be his favourite (Steak) and boy does he like his steak I brought the biggest one I could find in the supermarket and he ate the lot!

After selling so many Last Rolo Rose gifts I thought it would be fun to do a Rolo themed dessert and voila this is the creation!
Pancakes, Rolo Ice Cream, Raspberries drizzled with chocolate and of course topped off with a Rolo :)


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