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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My Creation for the Jam Jar Collective

This week Quirky Boots is hosting a Jam Jar Collective which I am gladly taking part in as I seriously need ideas of what to do with my growing collection of Jars in my cupboard.

I took my inspiration from a post a did a few weeks ago titled Jars Jars Jars- see post here - and went with a photo themed one. See below for a peek>

I loved the excuse to get my big box of craft bits out and see what I could do. I wanted to keep it simple but decorative.
I chose the photo of a very special lady named Betty who sadly passed away 9 years ago but still and will always have a special place in my heart. She lived a few doors down from my Nan in Kettering and I would always look forward to the days my Nan would look after me as it meant I got to go and visit Betty and her dog Trixie too. I have so many fond memories that I want to cherish and never forget, like on a friday afternoon Betty would let me make the Parsley Source to go with her fish dinner that night, a simple memory but full of feelings.
I plan to write them down and pop them in the Jar along with her photo. It took me nearly 8 years to find a photo of Betty as nobody had one, so I want to keep this extra safe.

I simply popped the photo inside. Used some of my favourite patterened paper, paper flowers and buttons. then using some ribbon I tied a heart charm around the top. Voila!

If you want to take part pop along to Quirky Boots Blog and join in the Jam Jar Collective!


  1. Thank you honey :) really loved making it, but writing that post....I need some tissues lol xxx

  2. Lyndsey what a touching creation to use an ordinary every day Jam Jar for. I have stumbled across your blog through a RT on Twitter. I am a writer for quite a well known craft magazine and would really like to speak with you about using your idea. I shall email you now!
    I just lost a very good friend of mine to Cancer and think this would be a special way to remember her, especially because she loved Jars. I will have to salvage her collection. Anyway I am rambling, be in touch very soon! xxx (Angela D)


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