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Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Poem of Mine - 6 Years Ago!

Its amazing what you forget about, I once entered the 'Write 06' with Wicksteed Park Kettering. A creative writing competition. This was a whole 6 years ago *feels old*
When googling my name (as you do lol) this popped up...its MY thought I would share:

Money for nothing???

By Lyndsey Garrett from Kettering.
Would you like a card, Join today!
You'll save ten percent, with nothing to pay.
The limits been decided, forms filled in,
Shop 'til you drop walking past the bargain bin.

Buy now, pay nothing 'til next year,
Interest free credit that all you hear.
Sofas, TV's, beds and sheds,
What else you fancy that turns your head.

Its all yours in a blink of an eye,
Fill the car and stack it high,
Or have it delivered to you next day,
Free of charge with nothing to pay!

If you need a car, then get a loan,
Could even stretch to a new phone!
Holidays are all booked on credit card,
The overdraft was spent with disregard.

Then one day it all comes to an end,
There's no more loans and credit cards to spend
Times running out until the paybacks begin
I'll never be able to pay off everything

Late payment charges I see before me
Credit card bills and overdraft fees
The cheques I write are bouncing fast
My cards are blocked, I have nothing to last

The days I spent shopping so long ago
Coming back to haunt me, dragging me down below
I was so wide eyed and naive
they knew what they wanted me to believe

I realise now as I look back, I see
That nothing in this world will ever be free!

See the entry here>

Made me smile......remembering....

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