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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday Night At The Movies! - Sleep over fun for Kids

I know 3 Blog posts in one day, but I just keep finding such cool please excuse me...and enjoy!

Saturday Night At The Movies
Children's Sleep Over Idea!

When your children have friend for a sleep over why not host a movie drive in night.

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What you need:

Large Boxes (one for each child attending)
Felt Pens/Crayons or if your feeling brave paints!
Children ;)
and a movie!

As children arrive hand them their box which they can decorate and turn into their very own personal car for the evening.
Then once everyone has their vehicles park them up in front of the tv and show the movie......don't forget to hand out the popcorn :)


You could also create a Ticket Office and give each child drink, food and movie tokens that they can exchange themselves at a special designated stall!

Thank you to Homemaking Fun


I am dying to sing out loud now and do some finger clicking......."Saturday night at the movies, who care what picture we see, when im sitting with my baby in the back row of the balcony.........."

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