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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Scribble Bows!

I came across this fabulous blog just after Christmas. I love this Scribble Bow idea....if you have kids it would be great fun to do and such a cute way to finish off a handmade gift. Unfortunately I dont have any children at my disposal at home so I am going to do this with the children at work.

These ones above are made from magazine pages, I think they look quite masculine and would go well with The Perfect Pint Collection Hampers I am working on :) can't wait to give them a whirl.

Thank you to Lines Across for such a unique idea!

Are you going to try them?


  1. Certainly something we will try, and very 'green' I'm all for recycling!
    Little legs is has just got into crafty things and some days I think we are blumming Tinkerbells with all the 'fairy dust' falling from us lol
    Thanks for sharing this, will be looking out for many more from you now x


  2. Thank you Berni, so very kind of you!
    Ofcourse I should of mentioned how eco friendly they are, I regret throwing a load of magazines out now just before Christmas *sigh*.
    It sounds like you have lots of fun with Little Legs and I must say you do have a sparkle about you :0) xx

  3. Love this idea especially using the magazines.I have, in the past, used magazines for the actual wrapping paper.
    Currently I use the endless junk mail catalogues as a mat for gluing small parts in craft activities when finished turn the page and have a new one.

  4. haha same here, I love it when I get some junk through the door now, I use it as a mat when glueing!

    I am going to do some magazine ones to go with The Perfect Pint Collection, they seem abit more manly than a satin bow :)


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