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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Come and meet my new found love! - Pegs!.....I have fallen :)

Whilst I have been on strict rest, my 'things to try' list has grown enormously!

I have discovered a new love of Pegs.
If seeing these photo peeks does not make you want to run out and buy a bulk load of pegs I dont know what will hehe

I am in love!  Sweet clothes pegs from Brookish on etsy  Peg clips. Paint pegs, when dry adhere cut strips of your choice of paper.

Prettily painted pegs =)  clothes pegs around a tuna tin  Wooden frame, twine, wooden pegs...simple!!

  hand painted dolly pegs  wooden pegs with words on it! SO CUTE!!! This gives me so many ideas ... weekday pegs 

lifestyle pegs - fab  Old cotton spools and clothes pegs to store lace or ribbon  Cute placecards - i love these!

Have you fallen for Pegs?

See my Peggy Pinterest Board here

First Market of the Year!

Well firstly I feel like a very bad blogger. It's been a whole week since my last post and what a week it has been.
Last Tuesday I woke up with a really bad back and with the Market Day only 4 days away being on 'rest' just was not an option with so much prep to do. So I battled on and I don't mind admitting it was hell, but with sheer determination I got through and survived to Friday where I was on my last legs and getting very tired and very teary with frustration. But I did it!!
Saturday the sun came out, we set up the stall and it was a beautiful day, well worth the agony.
On the day I think I was just so relieved that I actually made it, the pain seem to have subsided. But when I awoke on Sunday WOWSA bang I was crippled again! so this week I have spent my days horizontal with only my craft magazines, day time telly and laptop for company. (yes I am going a little crazy now.....actually ALOT!)

Luckily I made so much stock last week that there is not much I need to do to prepare for this weekends market stall. Although the thought at the moment of standing there all day does bring tears to my eyes.

Here is how the stall looked.....

I was really pleased with how colourful it looked and when the sun shined on the gifts they seemed to sparkle :)
It was so great to meet lots of new people and gain more local customers. Some ladies even came all the way from Peterborough to see Little Treasures!

I really hope we can sort out our vehicle situation soon and then I look forward to hosting a regular Saturday market stall....excited.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the weather getting brighter? :)

(PS- apologies if I haven't made sense and spelling mistakes, I'm on pain killers and feeling a little spaced hehe)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hello Kitty Crazy!

I am absolutely loving doing Little Treasures as my main job. Just having the extra time each day to spend on new creations, ideas, brainstorming and planning is a god send.....and I have got so much done that I have been meaning to get around to for months!

Here is my creation of the day:

Ive been waiting to get hold of these towels for along time so when they arrived today I jumped straight into action.....ribbon flying everywhere ;)

I think this would make a fab Easter pressie, as an alternative to chocolate!

Monday, 5 March 2012

New Nappy Creation - On your Bike! :)

I have been wanting to create this for some time, but to be honest it has taken me a while to figure how to construct such a thing. I have seen previous ones made but they have included items which are not of use to a new mum or baby. As it is made to be given as a gift to the new parents and baby I thought it was essential that all items used in this were usable and I am very proud to have accomplished it :)

Little Boys Nappy Trike

What I used to make this:

30 Pampers Nappies
Hooded baby towel
baby blanket
Muslin Cloth
Scratch mits
and a Bib

I want to come up with a unique and catchy name for it, do you have any ideas?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sundays Creation!

It is a dull and damp day here at LT headquarters, so I have been busy making and creating.

A Kitchen Goddess Cake

I think this would make a great New Home Gift or how about  Mothers Day Gift?

Colours could also be changed to make a unique wedding present :0)

I just need to go and cellophane wrap it and create a pretty bow and tag....

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Saturday Spotlight (1) - Quirky Boots

This is a lovely new weekly feature I shall be hosting on the blog. I have plans to share with you some of my favourite online sellers, Crafters, Artists, Websites and other Blogs that I hope you will enjoy as much as I do.

Presents to you......
Quirky Boots
Deanne Evans

Let us have a peek at some of Quirky Boots beautiful & quirky creations......

Mug Cosie


Cake Topper Bunting

spring colours Cake Topper - Bunting  Cake Topper Gift Wrap


Bookmarkers toadstools girlie girlie


Russian Alisa (Cushion)

Cushions - Russian Alisa Alisa Alisa tummy button Alisa sweet and pretty face


Gift Tags - Mini Sentiments

Gift Tags - Mini Sentiments Gift Tags - Mini Sentiments 

Gift Tags - Mini Sentiments
 Gift Tags - Mini Sentiments


I could go on and share every single creation from Quirky Boots, but I want you to go and explore them for yourselves!

What I personally love about Quirky Boots is that it is not just about the amazing handmade item it is also about the experience of receiving something handmade through the post.
You are guaranteed to open your parcel and see pretty wrappings and labels, which means so much more that something being put straight into a box and sent. It shows that time and love has gone into your purchase and gives you a lovely warm feeling (or is that just me?)


Here is how you can connect with Quirky Boots.....

Online shops...

I really hope you have enjoyed my first Saturday Spotlight!
What is your favourite creation from Quirky Boots? please leave comments below :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

Busy Hamper Week!

I thought I would share a few of the Hampers that I have created and delivered to happy customers this week.

Nappy Baby Needs a Bed!

The exciting launch of the Nappy Babies happened this week and I am so happy at the response they received. I have now taken them a step further and created them a little bed (A Nappy Bed ofcourse!) using Pampers Nappies, a Muslin Cloth and Scratch Mits for pillows>

What do you think?
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