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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Foodie Penpals! - June 2012 Reveal

I am so excited to have discovered Foodie Penpals through the land of tweets and this month was my first time taking part.

I love cooking, I love eating and I love discovering and tasteing new foods so this is really exciting for me and to be a part of a circle of lovely ladies (and men, if there is any) and discover food together...did I mention how excited I was? if I didnt, just to let you know I was SUPER excited! :)

The lady who got me as a Foodie Penpal was named Lisa and she contacted me straight away for my address and was also her first time, so she was excited too. She was very lovely in all of her correspondance and even let me know when she had sent it on its journey to me.

I received my parcel promptly and I am sure you can imagine how I felt picking it up from the sorting office...yep....EXCITED. I could not drive home fast enough to break into it and see what was inside. I burst through the door and screamed at Mr LTs "Its here!" he probably just rolled his eyes but to be honest I wasnt taking much notice of him lol.

I peeled of the brown packaging wrap and here it was all pretty in pink.

I think I may of let a sqeal out when I lifted the lid!

Even I was suprised by my self disaplin (I read the card first) and held off peeking at what was inside, I just wanted to savour the moment :)
Lisa introduced herself and wrote about a few of the items she had included. Lisa also prepared me for a little spice and told me about the recipe she had written and abit of where her family came this point I was excited and could not hold off any longer......

Cue BIG squeal, clapping hands...and lots of ooooohs......arrrrrrrrrssss.......and yums!

What I was lucky enough to receive:

Teapigs Morning Glory Tea Bags
Cottage Delight Salsa and Cracker Dippers
Thai Chilli Rice Snacks
Chocolate Pencil & Candy Sticks
Homemade Creole Mix - Made by Lisa
Recipe to use the Creole Mix in - Louisana Gumbo
Afternoon Tea Coasters

I was delighted with EVERYTHING! it really showed that Lisa had did some research and looked at my blog/website to see I liked abit of spice which showed some thought. Each item had a little note on to say why she had sent that item which was a lovely touch and the hand written recipe was fabulous, I definitely can not wait to give it a whirl.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to Lisa, you were a fab Foodie Penpal!

Here is what I sent to my Foodie Penpal


If you want to read more about becoming a Foodie Penpal please follow this link:

I highly recommend it.

Roll on July :0)


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