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Friday, 10 August 2012

Kitchen Wall Display - Finally Done - yipee!

A long long time ago.....way back in February of this year you may or may not remember my blog entry "Kitchen Wall Display" if not you can read it here 

I was in search of inspiration to transform my very beige and bare Kitchen wall and I was very inspired by the photo/posters idea that I came across. I shall hang my head in shame that it has taken me 6 months.....yes 6 whole months!! to get round to actually putting something together but I have finally done it! yipee! and it has been a very welcomed distraction for the afternoon.

Here is before....(yawn).

And voila....

I am pretty pleased with myself, and I hope it adds a little of our personalities to our Kitchen.
I chose the "Love & Food, its all about the spice" and " Some like it hot" because we both enjoy spicy foods.
The "waste not want not" fits me perfectly as I always try to save food by freezing it or making something go a little further by making soups and broths.
A few on there are just for fun and make me smile each time I read them, which is what I hope will happen to friends and family when they visit too :)

If anyone is interested in printing any of the signs pop a comment on here and I will sort out the links of where you can get them from :)

I am off to have a sit down with a cuppa and shall admire my hammering skills.

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