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Monday, 20 May 2013

My Nan

I don't usually post much personal stuff on here but today I feel it is needed. Sometimes writing things down makes me feel so much better but books and paper go missing. This post I know will be here forever.

It has been 2 years to the day that my Nan passed away aged 94 years old. She had been living the last (about) 10 years of her life in a care home in Kettering. The last 5 months saw huge changes in her, in her appearance, in her health and in her quality of life. The last few months saw her bed bound and not really recognisng who we were. Just heartbreaking to see. 
My Nan looked after me a lot when I was little, when my parents needed to work and I used to spend most of my school holiday mornings with her and her friends who lived along her street. I have really fond memories of going in town shopping with my Nan and her Friend Betty. We would always be there way before any shops opened and end up queuing outside Woolworths and the Banks, then we would go to a day center for morning coffees and cake. There used to be about 6 ladies including my Nan who would meet up there, most of them had lost their husbands so I guess they must have come together at one point. Anyway I just remember the laughter they had, all sitting around a long table, chatting, laughter and reminiscing. I can see my Nan and Betty now laughing, smiling, being happy and enjoying the moment. Some mornings we would not go out and we would stay at my Nans house. As a child I thought this was soooo but looking back now I would give anything to have just an hour of one of those mornings. We would watch morning Television which mostly consisted of my Nans favourite quiz shows and Supermarket Sweep, Nan always knew the answers to the quiz questions 2 seconds after the answer was revealed! We always used to eat Cherry Tomatoes with lunch, this was a luxury I loved because we never had them at home so me and my Nan would happily snack through a whole pack. Shopping trips would also mean a walk to the local Co-op which was just around the corner from where Nan lived. I can see now my Nan and Betty walking along dragging their shopping trollies behind them and then rain begins to falls and they would panic and scramble to get their plastic hair covers on their heads so their perm wouldn't get wet, this used to amuse me so much. And of course a shopping trip to the co-op always included coffee and cake in the cafe. My Nan and Betty saw this as an opportunity to fill their handbags with all the sugar sachets, milk portions they could lay their hands on, even serviettes, with a 'just incase' 'you never know' out look at when you might need them!
I have fond memories of my Nan and I wish that the rest of my family could have that too. I know that she did sometimes come across as a miserable and unhappy to see you kind of person and that she did sometimes say the wrong thing, maybe without thinking first. But I can sympathise with her, she did live through a tough time in history, she had a tragedy of her own, she lost her husband unexpectedly and far too young. I just feel lucky that I had the times I did with her. What ever she was to others to me she was My Nan.
This day 2 years ago it was Friday, I had finished work at 6pm and because my Mum and Dad were on holiday I had been seeing Nan at the home once a day and some even twice a day. I contemplated not going that evening and going on the Saturday instead, but something kicked in and I just drove straight there.
There she was laying in her bed, I made myself know to her and sat beside her, chatting away about my day,  the weather and plans for the weekend. She did not look well, her speech had gone and she could barely move so she just laid there, with such a sad expression on her face. Her breath was very rattly, I could see the struggle, I wanted to do so much for her, I wanted to comfort her.
I noticed on her bedside table that a blue folder had appeared, when I opened it up the title showed "The plan of the dying person" this shocked me. They knew that something was going to happen and soon. I saw that there was a section signed by my family that if she was to begin to pass away that no attempt should be made to resuscitate her. She had no quality of life, she could no speak for herself, she could not go to the bathroom, she could not feed herself, i am sure she would of completely hated to have ended up like this. Anyway I read through the whole folder with tears streaming down my face, I was scared and worried for her. I wanted to comfort her, she must of been aware, she must of heard conversations from staff, god how awful to have to lay there hearing those discussions taking part around you and you can not pipe up with your own opinion, instead just lay and take whatever comes.
I took her hand and spoke softly I wanted to say so many things to her. I told her that she would be ok, that someone would look after her up in heaven, I said that I would make sure that all of her children are ok, I told her not to worry that her daughter Janet (my mum) would be back off their holiday that night. We would all be ok and that you do what you need to do, we all love you.
In my head I was making plans to come back the next day on Saturday and spend the day there with her, the last thing I wanted was for her to be alone when the time came.
it was 6:45pm, it felt like I had been there hours, time just seemed to standstill. I was saying my goodbye to her and when I stood up to get my coat, I notice her shelving unit full of photos, ornaments from her house, little memories dotted on a shelf all around the corner where she could not see them. I picked out 3 of the framed photos and thought I would show them to her so she could see her family. The first one was of my Grandad Ronald Richards, on his retirement day receiving his gift of a clock from his boss. I thought she would love to see her beloved. The next was a photograph of my Nan and Grandad, arms around each other, looking so happy. I think it must be of an anniversary for them. This is my favourite photo, they just look so happy together and then the last photo was of my Nan and her three children (my Mum, Aunty & Uncle) taken on her 90th birthday, 4 years previous.
I could see that she focused on the photos and  I held them up and spoke about them to her, hoping she understood who they were. I popped them back on the shelf and sat down again beside her. The window was open and it was a beautful spring evening, the birds were out in force outside the window and were singing their hearts out.
Then 3 staff members came in. Nan suddenly jolted and her head moved, the noise of her breathing stopped. I took her soft hand. One long last breath left her body. She became silent and still, apart from a single tear which ran down her cheek. I looked on in shock, holding her hand tightly. A staff member put her hand on my shoulder, no words were needed to explain what had happened, I knew. Then the staff all left the room to notify family and I stayed with my Nan. The time was 7.15pm. I kissed her, told her I loved her, said my forever goodbye, I told her she must go and find Grandad and her friend Betty and say a big hello from me.
My Nan was gone.
I don't mind admitting now that it has taken me the whole 2 years to come to terms with that evening. The first year following I really struggled. I ended up being referred to a bereavement councilor for a 6 week period to help to deal with what happened, what I witnessed.
There were also certain events, situations that followed that evening which hurt me, there was times when I needed certain people the most and they were not there. Times when a hug is all I wanted, after witnessing our Nan passing away was it too much to ask, but I got nothing. I am just so grateful to Barry who has been and still is amazing. He is all I need.
I am so very glad that I was able to be there for my Nan when she needed someone the most, I hope that what I said that night had some calming effects on her and I hope she felt loved. It was a peaceful and beautiful evening and the birds sang just for her.
Whatever she meant to others, what ever happened between them in the past is not a problem of mine, all I need to know is that we made some lovely memories, me and MY Nan.

I would love to share the photos with you .......

Here is a poem I put together for My Nan that was read at her funeral by my Dad.

   Poem for Nan
God took a look around his garden,
he found an empty place,
he looked around the earth below
and saw your tired face.
he put his arms around you,
and lifted you to rest,
in the peace of this quiet garden
you have now been blessed.

a wife, a mother, a nan, a friend,
is welcomed in heaven today,
as her fulfilled life reaches journey's end,
our goodbye's we must now say.
she has many greetings there to make,
a husband waiting for his wife,
to family and friends who patently wait
they will all be together tonight.

with tearful eyes I watched you,
and saw you slip away,
I held your hand so tightly
but I knew you couldn't stay.
we must take comfort from our memories*
and let them live on in our hearts
as this soul we knew and cared for
from this earth must know depart

Thank you for reading.
I am now off to go and lay some flowers at the crematorium.

Dear, Nan & Grandad Richards, Nan & Grandad Garrett, a special lady Betty Davis, my lovely Uncle Mick and my very good friend Catherine, today I remember you all xxxx

Thursday, 16 May 2013

It's Thrifty Thursday! - My AMAZING shopping trip!

Good morning you lovely lot!
I have been so excited to get #ThriftyThursday back on track and this week super inspired me to share with you all. Maybe I need to get out more but when you come to realise that you have saved nearly £40 on one weeks food shopping trip, excited is one thing I am allowed to be!

First me and Mr LTs have been keeping our eyes open for coupons, in magazines, newspapers and printable's from the wonderful world of the internet. Google took a real beating. Maybe I watched too much Extreme Couponing on SKY at the weekend, but who cares it certainly paid off!

I started by writing a full shopping list of everything we needed. From Bubble bath down to small cupboard condiments. Then we went through all the coupons we had found and took out the ones which would benefit us most by using this week. We also had some Tesco Clubcard vouchers and double points coupons so they were a must to take too. Get me, we are now so organised, our coupons have their own special plastic wallet, anyway back on track.....armed with coupons and my list.... Tesco's we descended on.

We went straight after I finished work on Monday evening so it was about 7.30pm be time we grabbed our trolley. 
Now after what I am about to reveal, I shall now be going that time every Monday, just in case this happens every week........"what happens?" I hear you ask! well as we approached the Veggie aisle the section we always check first is the reduced area...WOWSA!!!! 
lots of yummy goodies all priced from 1p to 3p....... I could not believe my eyes, I may even of given a little squeal, it was quiet so think I got away with it.

Here are my precious bargains>

Vine Tomatoes - Usual price - £1.75 - REDUCED to 1p
Blackberries 300g - Usual price - £2.50 - REDUCED to 3p
Blackberries 150g - usual price - £2 - REDUCED to 2p


Grapes - usual price - £2 - REDUCED to 2p
Apples bag of 6 - usual price - £1.75 - REDUCED to 3p

Tomatoes 6 pack - usual price - £1 - REDUCED to 1p

Asparagus Bunches - usual price - £2 - REDUCED to 2p

Ok let us do some maths, NO don't leave, I will not bore you, I promise! 

So I purchased:
4 x Asparagus = 8p
2 x Tomato Packs = 2p
Grapes = 1p
Apples = 3p
Blackberries = 5p
*****I PAID - TOTAL= 19p***** 
Full price would of been =  £19.75!!!!!!

eeek now see why I was super excited. Amazing! 
 I was super careful, as it would of been easy just to buy a trolley load of these lovely reduced goodies but we had some self control and just took what we would use.
The tomatoes we had that night with our tea. The grapes I took off their stalk and popped in the freezer to use as a SW snack option. The blackberries we only finished on Wednesday so they lasted really well and the Asparagus I have frozen. I shall be posting my Asparagus freezing tips in a separate post soon.

After all the excitement of the reduced veggie section we continued to finish our shop. Then that cashier moment those of you who have watch Extreme Couponing will understand this moment, but I felt like I was on my own mini episode. Such a shame that you can not see the money been discounted off live on the til screen like in the show as the cashier scans in all coupons, so instead I had to wait to see the receipt afterwards>

If I add the above saved total to what we saved from all the reduced goodies it brings us to the total SAVING of.......

There was also a bag of chestnut mushrooms reduced to 1p, when the cashier weighed them they came up as 0p so we got them FREE!

So my #ThriftyThursday tips are:
ALWAYS check the reduced areas in supermarkets
Do your research before shopping, check coupon sites, check what is on offer and where.
I recommend using

You now know where you shall find me on a Monday evening around 7.30pm......lurking around the veggie hope of another bargain busting experience!

What has been your best reduced bargain buys in the supermarket?

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tomato Turkey Bake - Summer Turkey Recipe Challenge - #leanonturkey

A Turkey is not just for Christmas!

"Turkey breast is naturally a low fat meat and it's also low in salt and saturated fat. Turkey is also a great source of key nutrients for health, such as the B-vitamins, phosphorus, selenium and potassium and rightfully deserves a place in a varied and balanced diet"
                                                                                     "Carrie Ruxton"

I was just having a quick late night browse over at Britmums and I noticed this challenge and could not resist entering in my Tomato Turkey bake which I made a few days ago. It was delicious, juicy and more importantly to me at the moment, healthy!

It is super simple and can be made in under 30 mins
Perfect for a midweek meal.

Tomato Turkey Bake

Turkey steak ( one for each person)
1 x Red Onion sliced
2 x Vine Tomatoes chopped
1 x Red Pepper sliced
2 Garlic Cloves Crushed
100 ml Beef Stock
1 Tbsp Tomato Puree
Tin of Chopped Tomatoes
1 Ttsp Oregano
Fresh Basil
Cheddar Cheese
Frylight or a little Olive Oil

How to...
Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees.
Bring the Beef Stock to the boil and add the Onion, Pepper and Garlic, 
simmer for 1-2 mins
Add the Vine Tomatoes, Tinned Tomatoes, Tomato Puree and Oregano 
leave to simmer for another 2 mins. Then take off the heat.

Depending on the thickness of your Turkey Steak 
there is only one of two things you need to do:

A thick Turkey Steak should be butterflied in half, just like you would butterfly a chicken breast.
If your Turkey Steak is not very thick, it may not be possible to butterfly so instead pop it into a freezer bag and give it a bash with a rolling pin to thin it out. 
(this is great for stress relief after a long day!)

Having the Turkey Steaks thin means they will cook nice and quickly and wont dry out.

Add some Frylight or a little Olive Oil to a pan and quickly fry the Turkey Steaks to give them a lovely golden colour. 
This should take about 1-2 mins each side.

Then put Turkey Steaks in a baking dish  and pour over the stock mix and finish with a sprinkling of Cheddar Cheese.
Bake in the oven for 15-20mins


Serve with a fresh and crunchy green salad!

This post is an entry for BritMums’ Summer Turkey Recipe Challenge


Saturday, 11 May 2013

My Slimming World Meals - Week 1

I am so glad that I took some photos of the meals that I have eaten in my first week with SW especially after achieving such a good loss (see previous SW post here) 
So I thought I would share them with you here. I still can not believe that you can be on a 'diet' but still enjoy all the foods you love. Even after just one week, I feel such a change, not only in my eating but in my thoughts about food. The SW food optimising program is just pure brilliance. It is all about eating from all the different food groups, in moderation and basically cooking things a little differently. I just hope I can continue to achieve such good results.

The plan I am following on SW at the moment is the Extra Easy

Beef Stir Fry
I Cut some extra lean quick frying beef into strips and popped them into a glass bowl to marinate in some garlic, soy sauce and chilli for about 15 min (just while I prepared the other veggies)
I fried the beef with some frylight, added spring onions and red peppers.
Served with steamed curly kale, been sprouts and brown rice.
Not a syn in sight :)

This was one of my breakfasts when I had a really busy work day ahead.
Wholemeal Toast with Light Dairylea, cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of spring onions.
Blueberries & Grapes

A yummy lunch!
I am guilty of never really bothering to eat much at lunch time, so when I finished work early one day I thought I would spoil myself a little and the best part it was all free and super free!
2 Scrambled Eggs, Large baked mushroom, grilled cherry tomatoes, baked beans and spring onions.

My favourite dinner of the week.
Can you believe you can eat Bacon/Gammon as free foods. I love SW :)
This meal was grilled gammon, slimming world chips, asparagus, grilled tomatoes, broccoli  peas, sweetcorn and red onion.

The day Mr LTs was off as well I decided to treat us both to a bacon roll for lunch, SW style ofcourse!
Wholemeal roll, Weight Watchers Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato with fruit for afters.

I am attempting to cook at least 2 fish dishes per week. This week we had Salmon (see above) and Trout. Unfortunately I didn't not get a photo of the trout meal, but it was delicious so I will definitely be cooking it again and I promise to take a photo for you.
The salmon was baked in the oven with a fat free greek yogurt and watercress sauce. Steamed curly kale and spinach. Asparagus, spring onions with radish and baked sweet potato slices.

This was a celebratory breakfast after my first weigh in on Wednesday. The only syn was the sausage at half syn!
Instead of frying the sausages and bacon it was all grilled in the oven and was super yummy.

I had seen recipes of pizza topped chicken and thought I would give it a go, but I could not resist adjusting it a little. Instead of chicken I used turkey. Baked in the oven with a tin of chopped tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic, chilli and sprinkled with low fat cheese from my healthy A option.

The first thing I notice after looking through all the photos again is the colour on eat plate!  I can not wait to try them all again :)

Friday, 10 May 2013

Mexican Cinco de Mayo Celebration! Arriba arriba!

Title translates:
Mexican 5th of May Celebration

Cinco de Mayo—or the fifth of May—commemorates the Mexican army's 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867). A relatively minor holiday in Mexico, in the United States Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage. 

If I had my way, everyday would be a Mexican Celebration, I just looooove Mexicano :) that is why I was so excited to be given the opportunity to participate in this recipe challenge.

Here is the amazing pack I received from Discovery

*Fajita Dinner Kit (8 Flour Tortillas, Medium Salsa & Fajita Seasoning Mix)
*Cajun Season & Sauce Jar
*The Brand NEW Garlic & Herb Soured Cream

I could not wait to start cooking and to give these a taste. Now all I had to do was wait until the 5th of May.

I waited through Saturday......very patiently........

and then ARRIBA! it was Sunday, time to spice it up!

Here is my recipe I created using some of the contents of the kit. 
I shall name it.....

Meat Free Mexican Stuffed Pepper with Mexican Rice Salad
Firstly please stay with me through this recipe, do not be put off by the 'meat free' statement. I have begun a healthier eating regime and I have been investigating alternatives. This did strike fear into Mr LTs as he enjoys his meat and I mean REALLY enjoys his meat, so I did see the look of terror on his face when I revealed the Quorn Mince from the freezer. I am very happy to say he survived the meal, enjoyed the meal and then went back and finished off what was in the pan! result!

Perfect for a summer lunch, stick with me we shall have a summer, if this fails, Mexico shall have a new resident. This would also be great to have at a barbecue, again sun maybe required...oops!

The Ingredients
*Quorn Mince, 
Discovery Cajun Season & Sauce Jar
Discovery The Brand NEW Garlic & Herb Soured Cream
1 Large Onion
2 Juicy Vine Tomatoes
Long Red Peppers (1 pepper makes 2 servings!)
Spring Onions
Kidney Beans
Brown Rice
and a side salad - I used Iceburg Lettuce with grated Carrot.

Now lets sizzle......

 Dice the Onion and lightly fry in some Frylite

Add half the bag of Quorn Mince and cook for 2-3mins

Using the Cajun spice blend that is on top of the Discovery Jar sauce sprinkle in and smell the Mexican aroma!

Stir in well until all spice blend is mixed in

Chop the 2 Tomatoes and add to the mix

 Such a beautiful red colour

Then add the Discovery Cajun Sauce from the jar, just pour, how simple!

and leave to simmer for about 10 mins whilst you prepare the pepper for filling.

Slice the pepper length ways and take out any seeds

Spoon the Mince mix into each half of the pepper

Sprinkle with some Cheddar Cheese or you could use Mozzarella 

Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes until cheese has melted and pepper has softened slightly.

ooooo yum!

Serve with some brown rice, mixed with Red Kidney Beans, Sliced Babycorn and spring onions
and place the stuffed pepper on a bed of salad.
Drizzle some NEW Discovery Garlic & Herb Soured Cream over the top!

and last but not least......ENJOY!

To finish off the Mexican celebrations we tucked into the rest of the kit and of course it had to be done.....we had Fajitas!
We regularly indulge in a Fajita Fest, it is a dish which holds very special memories to us. The night Mr LTs proposed we had been to our favourite Mexican Restaurant!
In the past I have used another well know brand of Fajita Spice mix but I have to say that the Discovery Fajita Spice Mix that came with the kit really impressed me. The colour it gave the chicken was so rich and smelled delicious so I will definitely be changing to Discovery for future. See for yourself>

I would like to say a huge thank you to Discovery for letting us join in the Mexican Celebrations with such yummy food!


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Entered in to the World of the Slimming!

This week I took the plunge to join up with Slimming World. It is something that has been on my mind for quite a while, I just needed that kick to finally do it. I was really unsure about attending a group, not fully confident in my ability to actually do this mixed with I don't want to fail to a room full of people. Silly I know. So online it was, after studying the 3 different packages available I decided on the Bronze Package which was £79.99 BUT there is currently a special offer of NO membership fee, which brought the price down to £60. I shall be honest I was still worried about paying out that much, I know it was for a 3 month subscription, but what if it was not for me? I really did not want to waste all that money. Then good old Google came to the rescue, I spent a good 30 mins searching for any promo codes I could use and I finally found one. (I would put the code on here but unfortunately it has ran out now) With the help of the promo code I got the price down to £45. I was happy with that. Then voila I was an Online Member!

It took me a while to suss out and navigate my way around the site but I found the page that has all the downloadable booklets and started printing them off. Things tend to sink in my brain better if I can sit and read them from paper instead of a screen, if that makes sense. Maybe it is the keen book reader in me ;)
and then the studying began. Sussing out what I could have, what on earth a syn is, and yes the first thing I checked the syn count of was Wine and Bacon hehe and the best part I can still enjoy them! in moderation of course. 
Being a keen cook and having a fetish for list making, the first thing I did was get my notebook out. I even found an unused folder that has now become my Slimming World folder. Somewhere I can pop recipe ideas, inspirations and my weekly food plan. I do love being organised and the feeling of being organised and in control so lists, plans and tables all make me feel safe.

I have had alot of negative comments from others about the fact I registered online. "You need to go to a group to get the proper support" "You wont have all the information online" "Doing it online you can just cheat and put any weight in"
Firstly I have joined 2 fabulous Facebook Groups>

Full of amazing, inspirational and very helpful ladies who are all fellow travelers in this weight loss expedition!

This group does exactly what it says in the title, low cost meal ideas! a must go see!

Support I am very lucky to have, from the FB Groups, from a few of my close friends and of course my wonderful man. 
Secondly why would I want to cheat and enter in a different weight. Nobody else sees my entries so it is completely confidential and if I was to lie I would only be cheating myself and would gain nothing from doing so and to be truthful that 
thought never entered my head.
Who knows maybe once my 3 months online subscription is complete I may venture into a 'real' group, But at the moment I am more than happy how I am doing.

Fast forward one week later and I performed my first self weigh in yesterday morning with the witness of Mr LTs. I knew at the weekend that it was looking good. I had treated myself to some new digital scales and throughout the week me and Mr LTs have been known to hop on and 'just check'. Mr LTs has been going one step further and conducting his own science experiments. What he weighs before eating and after. What he weighs before drinking water and after. What he weighs before using the toilet and after, and yes he tried a number 1 and number 2. LOL men! But I do admit it has been interesting ;) but shush don't tell him that.

Anyway back to my weigh in.

I feel like I want a drum roll or some dramatic music to build the tension so you will have to do that part yourself I'm afraid. But I was completely shocked to see that I had lost 17lbs. Yes 17lbs! yes that is 1st 3lbs!! in one week!! in my first week!!

I really can not believe it, it has given me such a boost and made the changes that I have complete all worth while. Even today I woke up and thought, was it all a dream? evidently not as I hopped on the scales, just checking! 
I have been awarded my 7lb loss badge and my 1st stone badge. This was the only time I wished I was at a real group because I would of got a real certificate instead of an online badge. But I guess I could always make my own lol
Here are my badges>

On that note I shall leave it there for today because I must dash off to work now. But I do plan to upload my  Food Diary for this week, for anyone that will find it useful. So please make sure you find a way of following my blog over on the right hand side so you will be notified when it is posted this week!

eeek still can not believe it!......... roll on next weigh in............(now that is something I never thought I would ever say out loud)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

From Special Care Baby Unit to Special K for Brekky!

Now this number is filling me from head to toe with fear, because my age shall become it this year. Dare I say it? ....... *coughs*, did you get it? oh I was not loud enough, ok one more time *coughs*30* shriek!
Nearly 30 years of my life completed. This makes me very philosophical and I have started looking at how far I have come in them short 30 years that seem to have flown past faster than a.............than a........erm I am out of metaphors today please feel free to fill in that gap yourself!

30 years ago I was born, but I was born twice!! Yes you read that right, and all in the same year. I was a little shocker of a surprise for my parents. My mother went into hospital to have a hysterectomy and when they......ok there is no way to make this any more pleasant to read so stick with me.........and when they opened her up to operate, guess who they found? If you said me (ie Lyndsey) correct, 10 points to you! I didn't give a wave or even tut to the doctor for disturbing me, I was quiet as a mouse as I was carefully checked over by the doctor who lifted me a little and then popped me back in! Yes popped me back in to cook in the oven a little longer. Now I have made it seem a little light hearted but in fact it was a very unique procedure 30 years ago and a very worrying time for my parents, and unfortunately my mum spent most of her pregnancy in hospital. At the time, my parents were contacted by national news papers but turned down the opportunity to share my little entrance into the world. A few weeks later, by coincidence it happened to another couple and they got complete media coverage. Darn my parents, I could of been a famous sprog-let!
In the end I was born on the 4th November 1983 as an early baby and spent a long time in Kettering's Special Care Baby Unit.
Here is me in hospital>

Then when I was 10 mths old my parents entered me in a baby competition with my special story. Here is a photo of the news paper clipping> That is me on the far right.

It reads:
Little Lyndsey Garrett is a surprise entry for our Royal Baby Competition (shame I did not win hehe)
A Surprise, most of all, to her mother Janet, of Browning Avenue, Kettering who at 42 went into hospital for a serious operation and was told she was five months pregnant! That was 15 months ago and now Lyndsey is the pride and joy of the Garrett Family and has two grown up brothers - Stephen (15) and Mark (20) for babysitters.

Big brother Mark, on leave from the army service in Germany said this week "Mum went in for the operation and when I got home one day Dad told me Mum had been taken bad at hospital and I must go and see her. When I got there I was presented with this little baby and realised they had been pulling me leg. There's a bit of an age gap between us and Lyndsey but its nice to have a baby sister. We're all very proud of her and Mum."

And the little miracle baby, who fought through while Janet had an operation is growing into a little beauty.

and just look at what I have turned into......
I am the one on the right :)

Sorry the photo is a funny angle, I absolutely hate having my photo taken but maybe with the help of Kellogg's Special K I will become a slimmer, more confident photo poser for the future.

Did you like the way I linked in Kellogg's Special K there? *wink*

This week I received a very special parcel through the post, something of the Special K variety.
Here is a peek>
Firstly let me thank the postal service for letting it arrive, although it does like it has had quite an eventful journey and is in need of some TLC and I do feel sorry for having to now use the lovely box upside down, but it doesn't have feelings so I think I will survive :)
It does, however, have a brand new recipe and is delicious! Very crunchy and full of tasty goodness and is fitting in perfectly with my new healthy eating regime.

and look at all the yummy options!

So in 30 years I have come quite a way, I have a wonderful man who I have been with nearly 11 years, engaged to be married.....and fingers crossed we shall have our own little surprise one day!

This post is my entry for the “How I’ve changed Linky challenge” 
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E45 - Bzz Campaign - I am fully converted!

So I shall start by being completely honest, I have never been much of a moisturising kind of gal, too busy, never having the time to fit it in, which is probably where I have been going wrong all these years. Living on a budget never helps, especially when browsing the supermarket isles looking for a cheapy to do the job and I shall be honest again, I have never really been that impressed and have never benefited from a lasting effect of using any of them.

To be picked to take part in the BzzAgent E45 Campaign I was super excited. 
When my little pack arrived I was completely amazed at the contents. Two Full sized bottles of E45 Daily Body Lotion (Original & Nourish & Restore), 10 Sample packs for me to hand out to my friends and family with money off coupons inside.

I was quick to open up the bottles and sniff, is that odd? I like sniffing things before I try them, if they smell good then they get instant approval, if they don't they have to earn it ;) but these smelled good so all was well and out I splodged my first application direct onto my hands. My first impression I was worried about the consistency as it seemed a little runny compared to some heavy tubbed moisturisers but as soon as it was on, it rubbed in well and was quickly absorbed and left no greasy feeling after.....result!

So I now actually have a moisturising routine thanks to BzzAgent and E45 and I have even splashed out on a toner to accompany my new found routine.
I have definitely felt a difference on my hands and face so lets hope there is a visible difference. Will have to study that one further!
I have also been adding a little blob to my foundation and mixing it together on my hand before applying to my face and I have found it works into the skin much better and my face feels less clogged with make up.

I am now an official E45 convert and will definitely be purchasing regularly.
Thanks BzzAgent for a fab campaign!

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Read more about E45 at

Has anyone any more recommendations from the E45 range? 
would love to hear some!

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