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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Entered in to the World of the Slimming!

This week I took the plunge to join up with Slimming World. It is something that has been on my mind for quite a while, I just needed that kick to finally do it. I was really unsure about attending a group, not fully confident in my ability to actually do this mixed with I don't want to fail to a room full of people. Silly I know. So online it was, after studying the 3 different packages available I decided on the Bronze Package which was £79.99 BUT there is currently a special offer of NO membership fee, which brought the price down to £60. I shall be honest I was still worried about paying out that much, I know it was for a 3 month subscription, but what if it was not for me? I really did not want to waste all that money. Then good old Google came to the rescue, I spent a good 30 mins searching for any promo codes I could use and I finally found one. (I would put the code on here but unfortunately it has ran out now) With the help of the promo code I got the price down to £45. I was happy with that. Then voila I was an Online Member!

It took me a while to suss out and navigate my way around the site but I found the page that has all the downloadable booklets and started printing them off. Things tend to sink in my brain better if I can sit and read them from paper instead of a screen, if that makes sense. Maybe it is the keen book reader in me ;)
and then the studying began. Sussing out what I could have, what on earth a syn is, and yes the first thing I checked the syn count of was Wine and Bacon hehe and the best part I can still enjoy them! in moderation of course. 
Being a keen cook and having a fetish for list making, the first thing I did was get my notebook out. I even found an unused folder that has now become my Slimming World folder. Somewhere I can pop recipe ideas, inspirations and my weekly food plan. I do love being organised and the feeling of being organised and in control so lists, plans and tables all make me feel safe.

I have had alot of negative comments from others about the fact I registered online. "You need to go to a group to get the proper support" "You wont have all the information online" "Doing it online you can just cheat and put any weight in"
Firstly I have joined 2 fabulous Facebook Groups>

Full of amazing, inspirational and very helpful ladies who are all fellow travelers in this weight loss expedition!

This group does exactly what it says in the title, low cost meal ideas! a must go see!

Support I am very lucky to have, from the FB Groups, from a few of my close friends and of course my wonderful man. 
Secondly why would I want to cheat and enter in a different weight. Nobody else sees my entries so it is completely confidential and if I was to lie I would only be cheating myself and would gain nothing from doing so and to be truthful that 
thought never entered my head.
Who knows maybe once my 3 months online subscription is complete I may venture into a 'real' group, But at the moment I am more than happy how I am doing.

Fast forward one week later and I performed my first self weigh in yesterday morning with the witness of Mr LTs. I knew at the weekend that it was looking good. I had treated myself to some new digital scales and throughout the week me and Mr LTs have been known to hop on and 'just check'. Mr LTs has been going one step further and conducting his own science experiments. What he weighs before eating and after. What he weighs before drinking water and after. What he weighs before using the toilet and after, and yes he tried a number 1 and number 2. LOL men! But I do admit it has been interesting ;) but shush don't tell him that.

Anyway back to my weigh in.

I feel like I want a drum roll or some dramatic music to build the tension so you will have to do that part yourself I'm afraid. But I was completely shocked to see that I had lost 17lbs. Yes 17lbs! yes that is 1st 3lbs!! in one week!! in my first week!!

I really can not believe it, it has given me such a boost and made the changes that I have complete all worth while. Even today I woke up and thought, was it all a dream? evidently not as I hopped on the scales, just checking! 
I have been awarded my 7lb loss badge and my 1st stone badge. This was the only time I wished I was at a real group because I would of got a real certificate instead of an online badge. But I guess I could always make my own lol
Here are my badges>

On that note I shall leave it there for today because I must dash off to work now. But I do plan to upload my  Food Diary for this week, for anyone that will find it useful. So please make sure you find a way of following my blog over on the right hand side so you will be notified when it is posted this week!

eeek still can not believe it!......... roll on next weigh in............(now that is something I never thought I would ever say out loud)


  1. Well done lyndsey, great work! With knowledge and willpower you'll continue great on your own Xx Debi


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