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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Slimming World Meals of the Week

Here is little selection of what delights I have enjoyed this week as part of my Slimming World Extra Easy plan.
Been a tough week and I am beginning to miss certain things more and more. But I made a HUGE discovery this week which I am so excited about, so excited I did a little victory dance around the kitchen when it came together and worked! so keep your eyes peeled for a very yummy recipe post coming your way this week :) eek....any way for now feast your eyes on this little lot......

Breaking the fast of the night 

BLT Roll and fruit. Using the roll from my healthy b option

Wheat Biscuits, fruit and strawberry Mullerlight. Loved this! I usually find anything resembling weetabix abit hard to stomach, due to the soggy mess that appears in the bowl when milk is added, yuck! but adding yogurt worked so well and the wheat biscuits kept their crunch lovely.

Boiled Eggs with crispbreads for my soldiers ;) and black coffee ( I am actually getting used to having my coffee black and choosing to have it rather than having to have it, if you get my drift!)

Lady who lunches SW stylee

Bowl of crisp and crunchy salad, with 2 dairy lea triangles and mixed berries. Always feels like a child when I tuck into a dairy lea triangle haha

Prawn Salad - I love a prawn cocktail but wanted to give it the SW makeover so for the dressing I mixed some Light light mayonnaise with a clove of crushed garlic, chopped fresh chili,  smoked paprika and cayenne pepper. Served on crispy iceburg with salad and wholemeal bread.

This was a lunch that needed to be speedy so it was a quick ham salad roll, chicken and sweet corn Mugshot and Diet Coke

Din Dins
(Dinner) ;)

Beef Stroganoff - Will be posting this recipe soon!

Poached Eggs on ham, asparagus, mushrooms and tomatoes

Steak, Jacket Potato, Griddled Mushroom, corn, tomatoes and salad

We even managed a BBQ this week! Weight Watchers sausages, lean burgers and steak and oodles of salad

These are AMAZING and well worth the 4syns per burger!

It is such an easy midweek meal when you can just bung it all in the oven!

and the result is a super yummy dinner!

What Slimming World meals have you enjoyed this week?

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