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Thursday, 16 January 2014

NEW - 3 Phase Paleo - by Paleo Parents

My regular readers will have noticed that I have been doing lots of reading about the Paleo Lifestyle. I have downloaded a fair few various e books over the last few weeks so when I saw the opportunity to be one of the first people lucky enough to get a peek of this brand new 
eBook written by I jumped at the chance.

The majority of the Paleo books I have read so far have been full of text but with no or hardly any imagery and recipes far to complicated to fit in with a busy daily lifestyle. 
So I was super excited to have first peeks at 3 Phase Paleo.
It did not disappoint. The whole eBook is full of brightly coloured pages, Images of them as a family and my favourite.... an image with EVERY recipe! 
It is very true when they say "we eat with our eyes". 

I downloaded 3 Phase Paleo straight to my phone and read it immediately cover to cover. 

It has everything I appreciate in a recipe book.

The story of how Stacy began her journey with Paleo is very inspirational in itself and then her husband, Mathew then decided to begin Paleo too and then joined by their 2 gorgeous boys, they became the Paleo Parents. Their story is amazing and the health issues they have all overcome is truly remarkable. 

Now you know I would never affiliate myself with anything that I didn't agree with. So you can rest assured that this eBook gets my personal recommendation. 
This eBook is guaranteed to inspire, inform and support you on your very own Paleo Journey whether it be personal, with your partner or as a family!
Here is some text from 
Explaining the 3 Step Plan of 3 Phase Paleo.

"Whether you’ve been Paleo for years and struggling with how to heal, or perhaps you want to know how to get the littles on board, or maybe you are ready to start from the beginning and change your lifestyle from a sedentary, bread, pizza, and cookies existence to a full Paleo one – 
3 Phase Paleo will help guide you through the process, one step at a time."

It’s about patience, consistency, and sticking to a plan.

Not only have we transitioned our own family, but for years we’ve been advising and helping thousands of other families on how to do the same. Over the years we’ve come to find that a consistent method can be applied to all families, no matter where they are in their journey.  We have developed a three phase plan for anyone struggling with how to begin or move passed the rut they might be stuck in. 
This eBook will help you implement these 3 easy steps in your own life!
The 3 steps are as follows:
In the SWAP phase, we’ll show you how to move away from the most problematic foods in a typical diet and change to foods and products that are better for you without significantly depriving you of those “comforts” that you’re used to – setting you up for long-term success! With award-winning, delicious, easy recipes as well as our FOOD SWAP GUIDE and PRINTABLE GROCERY SHOPPING LISTS and THE GOING OUT GUIDE you’ll be set up for long-term success!
Next, in the REMOVE phase, we’ll teach you how to move away from all those typical food paradigms and eliminate unhealthy grains, sugars, legumes and processed oils from your diet permanently. It might seem overwhelming as you read the labels on all the foods in your pantry, but our detailed guide on HOW TO STOCK A PALEO PANTRY will help you learn our family-friendly short-cuts that have made this a sustainable life-long plan!
Finally, in the HEAL phase, we add in the most nutrient-dense and healing foods. Our 75+ recipes are tagged by phases, so you can focus on PHASE 3 RECIPES that will help you easily identify the best foods to include in your family’s meal plans. But HEAL is more than just food: our FAMILY FUN GUIDE and other recommendations will help you focus on getting your body’s hormones regulated so that you feel your absolute best!

Available in the UK

(Exchange rate taken on the 16/01/14)


That means you can get started RIGHT NOW!

  • Our 3 Phased approach on how to transitionally your family while keeping it simple and staying sane
  • Phase 2, REMOVE includes HOW TO STOCK A PALEO PANTRY in order to “go full paleo”
  • Phase 3, HEAL adds in nutrient-dense foods with coded PHASE 3 RECIPES and provides a FAMILY FUN GUIDE
  • Plus, over 75 delicious, simple, easy recipes to get you started on the right path – categorized by phase


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