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Monday, 13 January 2014

Who will you give your Last Rolo to?

Yes it is that time of the year again (que Barry White music) as I announce the sales of our 
Last Rolo Rose Gift has begun.....just in time for Valentines Day, 
isn't that just the cutest coincidence!

So firstly who remembers the advert?

I began creating my own gifts because I got tired of buying people I cared about things off the shelf. Which are usually over priced, over packaged and with no true sentiment. I really ourselves with this Last Rolo Gift collection because we have taken the time to source the perfect boxes that enclose the Rolo perfectly, along with suitable packaging, presentation and the cute poem that accompanies all of them. 

(This is poem was written by ourselves and therefor we own full copyright, oh the problems we have with others copying it is unreal, but don't get me started on that one, let me assure you this is the home of that special poem.)

We wrap each individual chocolate Rolo up in air tight film, secure it safely inside each box. Then gift wrap in cellophane secured with ribbon and attach the poem gift tag. We take the up most care when packaging them to post so they reach you in perfect condition. 

We have amazing feedback on our gifts, when you go to eBay through the link below be sure to check out what our kind customers have said!

The Last Rolo Roses are available for only £3.59 + P&P
We also have the Last Rolo Boxes available at £2.59 + P&P

Excellent prices for such a unique gift, that will def earn you brownie points when February the 14th arrives!

We can also accommodate larger orders whether its for Companies, Hotels, Restaurants even Personal Events please email Lyndsey -
Click the image above to take you directly to our Last Rolo Gifts!

Now this just leaves me with one question........

Who will you give your Last Rolo to?
Answers in comments below>

1 comment:

  1. My Mother. She just got divorced and she loves Rolos


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