Hey, you found me and my world of thoughts! congrats :) prepare yourself for lots of foody related thoughts, peeks at gifts I make and my general ramblings. On a more personal note, I used to Follow Slimming World but now I have switched to Paleo. Still waiting on my cave woman outfit. I hope you stay a while and enjoy!

Product Reviews

I am always looking out for new and exciting things to share with my readers.

Through mailing lists, social media groups and customers I have an audience of over 12,000 lovely people so I would like to put that to good use and show them a variety of products, gifts or services that they might find interesting and give brands and businesses a bit of free advertising in return.

It could not be simpler, all you would need to do is post me your product direct and I promise that with in 14 days a review shall be revealed and shared as much as I possible can through all my social media access points.

Interested? I hope so!
Email me (Lyndsey) at to start the process today :)


  1. Hi Lyndsey, yes I am interested. I have just sent you an email regarding one of my handmade gifts. Hope you get it ok and I can not wait to hear back from you, this is a brilliant idea. You work so hard hon.
    Angie xxx Handmade Hearties xxx

    1. Hello Angie, aww thank you, that is so kind of you! I am very excited at being able to offer this for other businesses. I am off to investigate my inbox now my lovely....excited to see what gift it is :0) regards Lyndsey xxx


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